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Drink Up To Break Your Weight Loss Plateau

Posted by shalina

Tell me if this sounds familiar? You have been meticulously sticking to your diet for weeks, and you are still working out four times a week with as much vim and vigor as you have been, but all of a sudden the scale has stopped moving. You know you’ve hit a weight loss plateau but how can you break it?

Should you increase your calorie intake as some books say you should, due to the fact that your body has become used to the lower calorie intake of your diet so you need to shake it up? Or should you increase your exercise workout?

Although both of these are terrific suggestions and they both do work in breaking a plateau, you may want to try a simpler method of just checking your water intake. Yes, something as simple as being mildly, but chronically dehydrated is enough to slow down your metabolism to a crawl. Many researchers agree that a large segment of the population at one time or another is dehydrated for more than just a few days.

Being continually hydrated is very important to all of us but those concerned about losing weight should pay close attention to the power of hydration:

As you have already learned above, just being mildly dehydrated can slow your metabolism down to the point where it can cause a weight loss plateau, but did you know that many times when we reach for food because we believe we are hungry, we are actually thirsty? Yes, sometimes we get signals from our brain and we misinterpret them. The University of Washing did a study and found out that those drinking a glass of water before bedtime reduced their nighttime cravings. Think of how many times you may have grabbed for a quick snack when all your body wanted was to be hydrated by a glass of water.

Most are surprised to learn that water is essential in enabling muscles to contract and keep the muscles toned. If you are dehydrated your muscles won’t be as taut and firm and this is quite the opposite of what you want your muscles to do when trying to lose weight and get in shape.

Water will also help to plump up your skin to help prevent the weight loss saggy skin syndrome that so many of us try to avoid.

Water also helps to remove the body of toxins from the cells that are produced during the burning of calories. Slow down the removal of these byproducts and your weight loss will also slow down.

But how do you know how much water you should drink every day? The rule of thumb is to take your weight in pounds and divide by two. This will give you a good estimate on how many ounces of water you should be drinking daily. Now if you are exercising, drinking many caffeinated products or sweating from exercise or just the heat of summer you should add another one or two glasses. Remember not to guzzle your water all at one time but to space it out during the day so that you do not become thirsty. Once you become thirsty it is a signal that you are already getting dehydrated so be sure to sip your water often.

Who knew that breaking a weight loss plateau could be as simple as drinking some water? Well now you know-so drink up.

By Patricia Zelkovsky

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