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6 Proven Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Posted by evens

 To lose fat effectively and efficiently, there is no better way to do it than to speed up your metabolism.

So, what exactly is metabolism?

Metabolism is the sum of all chemical reactions occurring in the body. These reactions include breaking down food and other substances to yield energy and synthesizing new substances which are vital to life.

So how does this tie in with fat loss? Pretty simple! The more quickly and efficiently your body can break down food for energy to synthesize new substances, the more quickly and efficiently you can burn fat and become lean!

There are ways to naturally speed up your metabolism, turning it into a fat-burning machine. All it will take is the knowledge you are about to obtain, and a lot of hard work and dedication on your part.

Ok now onto the fun part! Here are the most efficient ways to enhance your metabolism and turn it into a fat-burning furnace:

1. Weight Training: Weight training is vital to speed up your metabolism. The actual weight training session causes an increase in heart rate, which is a tell-tale sign that your body is functioning at a higher metabolic level. In fact, one weight training session can enhance the metabolism for many hours after just one session!

Perhaps even more significant, weight training leads to muscle growth (with the proper nutrition of course!). The presence of muscle in the body causes a natural increase in metabolism. This means that the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will become. With more muscle, you will be burning more calories ALL DAY even at REST.

2. Cardiovascular Activity: High-intensity cardiovascular activity causes your body to use up lots of oxygen. In order to restore this depleted oxygen, your body undertakes very active metabolic processes which speed up your metabolism. Though you do burn a good sum of calories during cardio, the real magic happens AFTERWARDS. It can take hours for your body to recover from a cardio session, hence an increase in metabolism speed during this whole time.

3. Eat More Frequently: Eating food requires your body to undergo digestion, a metabolic process. Therefore, eating food will speed up your metabolism. Eating frequent meals (every 2-3 hours) keeps the digestion process steady throughout the day, in turn keeping the metabolism up. Lean, healthy proteins such as tuna fish, nonfat dairy products, and chicken breast (among others) have a thermic effect on the digestion process, and will speed up your metabolism even more so than other foods.

4. Be Active: Other than weight training and cardio, keeping active in other ways throughout the day has a great effect on the metabolism. If possible, take a walk, do some yardwork, walk around the mall, etc. in addition to your fitness regimen. Sitting around on a chair or couch all day is the last thing you want to do if you desire very low bodyfat levels, so get up and move around if you can!

5. Never Over-under-eat: Over-under-eat? Sounds confusing! Well to lose fat, we must under-eat to a SMALL EXTENT. For example, a typical male may end up eating 500 calories per day below his calorie maintenance to lose fat SAFELY without sacrificing his muscle. However, if he ate, say, 1500 calories below maintenance, this would be over-under-eating! He would be under-eating by too large of a deficit. This would lead to a decrease in metabolism. Why? Because our bodies recognize when we are under-eating, and start burning less calories to preserve fat and organ tissue. This is a safety mechanism called “starvation mode” that protects us from literally devouring our own bodies in times of starvation.

6. Consume a serving of Essential Fats Every Day: Essential fats increase the rate of metabolic reactions that occur in the body, ultimately leading to fat loss. So consuming a tablespoon of olive oil or flax seed oil per day can actually speed up your metabolism and burn off the fat.

So remember: with fat loss, the goal is to speed up your metabolism. Put these 6 ideas into action and you will start burning off-and keeping off the fat.

by: Timothy Adams

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