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Fat Loss and Diets Experience

Posted by evens

No matter where you look today, you will find or see something to do with fat loss or diets. The mass majority of them will either say all or high Protein and no carbohydrates or just the opposite. I have tried to diet with both of these concepts.

The protein diet for fat loss. I must say it was the fastest way for me to drop 30 pounds. I did it in 30 days. I eat nothing but meats, fish, nuts and very little amounts of vegetables and fruits. I held my carbs to less than 25 grams a day. I also held my calorie intake to 1200 a day or less. And most days it was under that. This will put your body in to a state of ketosis. This forces your body to burn your fat. It has no carbohydrates to use for fuel. For me the side effect of this diet was constipation. Not a very pleasant thing at all.

After dropping all of my weight I began to eat as I did before going on the protein only diet. Needless to say I gained all of my weight back and then some.

Next I thought I would give the no fat Fat loss diet a try. So basically I ate everything that had no fat to it. Now here is were it can get very interesting. If you eat allot of grains or grain products, like breads, sugar rich foods you will lose nothing and probably gain allot of weight. I could not loss any weight at all till I started to eat only fruits and vegetables. Here again I had to eat only a small amount to lose any weight at all. I will say to I did not lose the weight I lost on the protein diet. I tired of it very quickly and gave up on it. I will also say with both diets I was on I did not exercise at all.

Still looking for that magic bullet I ran across a diet that will let you eat both carbs and protein. The best of both worlds so to speak. Now there are curtain foods that you should stay away from, like refined grain products, breads crackers and that kind of foods. anything with sugar it it also. Now you can eat meats, fish and proteins. Also carbohydrates like most vegetables and fruits. All of the allowed fruits and vegetables are high in fiber to help keep you feeling full longer. I am just now giving this diet a try. In about a week I did lose 4 pounds. It is not as fast as the protein diet but I think it is allot healthier.

I think one of the most important things you must do in order for any diet to work is that you have to be in the right mind set. Also no matter what you are eating you can not over eat anything. Face it! Dieting is nothing but a numbers game. You must take in less calories than you are burning to lose any weight.

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