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Metabolism Speed Up Tips

Posted by jack

A lot of people would like to speed up their metabolism in order to promote weight loss. By speeding up your metabolism, you can burn fat and calories much faster than you do now, using the same amount of energy that you normally use. The definition of metabolism is the rate by which your body uses energy and burns calories. Herein we have some metabolism speed up tips for you.

Some of the factors that determine metabolism are: muscle mass, the frequency of meals, genetics, stress level, and the amount of physical activity that you get.

Your metabolism slow down because of less muscle mass due to reduced physical activity, old age, and lack of energy.

Here are some tips to help you speed up YOUR metabolism:

1. A natural metabolism slow down occurs with increasing age, but there are ways to reduce that effect. Exercise is absolutely essential if you are serious about speeding up your metabolism. You need to work out at least twice a week preferably by doing weight or resistance training. The goal here is to build more muscle mass. Between workouts you should do other types of exercise such as mowing the grass, raking leaves, walking the dog, etc, you get the idea.

2. Don’t forget to eat the most important meal of the day and that is breakfast. Studies have proved that those that eat breakfast are thinner than those that either don’t eat breakfast or eat it mid-morning.

3. Cut down on your consumtion of suger and simple carbohydrates. Glucose causes the body to store fat. Try and keep your blood sugar level throughout the day. If you crave sugar, eat an apple.

4. Spicy hot foods increase metabolism, so if you like it hot, eat more of it.

5. Get more restful sleep. If you are stressed and can’t sleep, ask your doctor for some recommendations.

6. Increase your consumption of water. Water helps to flush toxins out of the body and helps the body to heal in many ways.

7. Eat more meals during the day but smaller ones. Eat small meals four or five times a day, spaced two or three hours apart and don’t snack between them.

8. Try to hold down on the stress as much as possible, do more relaxing things and get more quiet time to yourself.

9. Drink more tea instead of soft drinks and coffee, try green tea which not only tastes good it increases metabolism.

10 Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, make one or more meals of them. Eat a fruit meal, then later a vegetable one.

If you follow these metabolism speed up tips you will lose weight . I have done it and you can too. Go ahead and lose those extra pounds, you will have more energy and you will feel better about yourself. Sure, it takes a little work and planning but what in life doesn’t? You can do it.

By William Weaver

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  1. Eat little and often - there’s evidence that eating small, regular meals throughout the day, rather than one or two large meals, may help to keep your metabolism ticking over. Surprisingly, around 10 percent of the calories we use each day go on digesting and absorbing food - so the more times you eat, the greater this effect is likely to be.

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