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4 Tips For Fat Loss Energy

Posted by katte

It seems like everyday I receive at least one question from someone dealing with their lack of energy. After all, not having energy stinks. Your workouts don’t produce results since your too tired to get through it or in a worst case scenario, even make it to the gym. You don’t feel like eating anything because everything you eat makes your tired and you don’t have enough energy to do anything that you want to.

1)Cut back on the caffeine.

I know this seems like something that you should include since you feel awake afterwards but caffeine actually keeps your tired. The initial alertness will wear off in about 30 minutes leaving you lower then you were before. Plus, caffeine actually fatigues your bodies natural energy producers.

2) Cut back on the cardio.

For most people, not doing cardio equals automatic fat. This is incorrect for numerous reasons especially considering that long cardio helps to add fat. This a result of the total body fatigue that is produced by cardio. We’d put less stress on our bodies by doing high intensity interval training.

3) Consume a low carbohydrate diet.

Most people notice increased energy when they switch to a low carbohydrate diet. By eating good carbs such as rice and oatmeal we provide a steady stream of energy for your body. When compared to sugar-laden food, this sustained energy helps us to get lean and function more efficiently since our body switches to a fat burning mode.

4)Don’t sleep too much.

Most people oversleep when they suffer from chronic fatigue. This is actually very negative since the quality of our sleep isn’t where we need it to be. Quality sleep is defined as REM sleep, that deep sleep that you enter into within 30 minutes of falling asleep. The problem with sleeping too much is that waking in and out of REM sleep doesn’t continue the anabolic benefits of sleep

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