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How To Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Posted by George Cherniko

No pills, no rigorous workouts and no long weight loss plans. The method I am about to reveal to you is by far the most powerful when it comes to losing weight fast. By following the guidelines given below, you can actually train your body to perform like a machine at optimum levels when it comes to digesting food. The result is fast weight loss that is safe and is easily accomplished by anyone!

In fact the foods you eat while performing this method are actually the same foods you buy regularly at your supermarket! All that is required is that you utilize these products correctly through the methods revealed below!

First and foremost if you are to quickly lose weight you have to eat during certain periods of the day. This has to continue for weeks which will train your body to digest foods at certain times. If the body knows when to expect food then it will digest it better thus allowing your metabolism to increase.

Again this trains the body to work like a machine that will not falter. If you eat during random periods of the day the body is not used to digesting foods and can be overwhelmed with other duties. By sticking to a daily regiment the body will perform at its peak for years to come.

Secondly it is extremely important that you eat MORE than 3 meals a day. As strange as that sounds it is actually a method that works in the opposite way of what most people may think. Eating more than 3 FULL meals a day allows the body to process food as a whole thus preventing small amounts of food from sticking to your intestines which can prevent food from being digested properly. In addition eating full meals more than 3 times a day helps the food being digested to remove older undigested foods in your body when it passes through.

by Vitaliy Gershfeld
Combined with the a fixed schedule, consuming more than 3 full meals a day when implemented correctly helps the body work on automatic pilot which can VERY likely help you lose more than 10 pounds in less than 2 weeks! However not everyone can correctly accomplish this diet. Find out how to flawlessly accomplish it diet by visiting: http://www.squidoo.com/Losing-Weight-Fast/

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