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Are You A Victim Of An Un Proportional Physique?

Posted by Journey

A good physique, be it for a girl or a boy, is one of the major pre requisites required to be considered beautiful or handsome respectively. Nowadays it is not just enough to be good looking by features, the total look that a person presents is just as important. And for this second factor a nice physique is indispensable.

Today in order to move forward in life a presentable look is very important. It is no longer just about performing well at your work field. It is also about carrying oneself well amongst a good crowd, and standing out in the crowd. Looking good as a whole and presenting oneself well is like a stepping stone towards achieving one’s goal, at least in the modern scheme of things. Hence people actually work towards grooming and looking good.

Nowadays in many offices, dress codes are decided. In such a scenario if a person doesn’t have an appropriate figure, the office dress might not look good on him or her. Hence nowadays we have gyms in offices so that we work out and get in shape.

However in the same track of things some girls are troubled by a very unusual yet prevalent problem. Many girls are worried by their over sized breasts. The problem becomes worse when the girl concerned has a leaner physique but bigger breasts in proportion to the rest of her body. I am terming this a problem because for such girls buying clothes is a real difficult task, mainly because they hardly find clothes that match this kind of a physique. So the “busty” girls, as these girls are normally termed, have to go through a lot of pain in procuring the love of their lives, i.e. the clothes.

Apart from this, another problem that haunts a majority of the population is the problem of having a heavier upper body as compared to the rest of the body. This is one of the most common problems related to weight. A heavy bust and a heavy belly are enough to give people sleepless nights. And it is not always that a person who has a heavy belly is a heavy muncher. Many a times other factors like heredity and work pattern also contribute to the physique of a person. But whatever the reason there are ways for weight loss through a regulated lifestyle and workout. The ones who are too busy with their lives or too lazy to work out can take resolve in the weight loss drugs . They can buy xenical as xenical online is easily available and is considered the safest weight loss medicine. Although you can easily buy xenical online but it is always good to take the view of a doctor before you start up the course. It is really doubtful if Xenical can be of any help to the girls worried by their big “boobs”. For others however xenical weight loss can come in very handy.

by James Petersen

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