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Review Of Truth About 6 Pack Abs Book

Posted by shalina

Before you even think about buying Mike Geary’s book, The Truth About 6 Pack Abs, make sure you read this article.

Now, I’m not going to lie, most books that you will ever read regarding acquiring the ultimate set of Abs are nothing but absolute crap and once you have read one of them, you have pretty much read all of them. Most of them tell you the basic stuff, like do your crunches and your cardio and that fat will come right off. Well the truth of the matter is, is that by doing just these things you aren’t going to obtain the ultimate set of Abs that you so desperately desire. Of course they will be an improved set of Abs but they definitely won’t be what you had in mind.

When I first went over to Mike’s site and read his sale page I most definitely thought it was another load of crap that was just a bunch of hype, but because I’ve been hearing a lot about it lately I decided to make the purchase anyway. It also helped that he has a 100% 8 week money back guarantee if I wasn’t satisfied with it.

Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised by the useful and meaty information that I found inside this 106 page book that didn’t just tell me to eat my fruits and vegetables and do my crunches and, viola, all my problems would be solved.

Instead, I found that Mike confronts popular myths that people believe when it comes to flattening your midsection. He also goes into detail with PROPER exercises you should be doing and he discusses diet and possible meal plans you should be following; however, most of the book focuses on Ab exercises and strength training, which is where a lot of people mess up when it comes to achieving an awesome set of Abs.

It is strength training your core area that is going to give you your phenomenal Abs and Mike show’s you exactly how you go about doing this.

Mike begins the book by going over the abdominal areas in your midsection which is vitally important to understand because a lot of people are doing the wrong exercises for a area they are TRYING to target. Little do they know that they are missing the mark. Then Mike follows up the rest of the book with various different exercises you should be implementing into your daily routine. He also, gives you little tricks along the way that will make your workouts the most effective.

by Christopher Gibbs
So, If you really desire an awesome set of Abs, the truth about 6 pack Abs book comes highly recommended. Since I have started utilizing the exercises in the book I have noticed a massive difference in my core area. To get the book you can go to http://www.reviewsomefat.com and order it from there.

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