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Get Rid Of Stubborn Belly Fat!

Posted by Journey

I know from first hand experience that stubborn belly fat can be a really big burden. It just hangs around your midsection like a bad habit. I’m sure, by now, that you are fed up with it and are actually ready to do something about it. Am I right? Of course I am.

Or maybe, you’ve been trying to do something about it, but the things you have been doing, just aren’t working for you. The philosophy that I had when I was trying to lose weight , more specifically, my stubborn belly fat, is that I believed that by just doing my cardio and doing a moderate amount of ab exercise that the fat was just going to melt right off.

It didn’t help that I was eating the regular food I was used to eating. I wasn’t eating like like a pig or anything, but I wasn’t exactly eating like an athlete olympian either.

You see, the thing you have to realize when it comes to losing stubborn belly fat is that you really have to concentrate and put a good amount of time into working out that area.

Now, when I go to the gym, I make sure I do at least 15 minutes worth of good ab exercise, then I go on and do my cardio. Since I have started this routine, I have started to see a vast difference in the amount of stubborn belly fat hanging around my mid-section.

A large part of this whole stubborn belly fat equation has to do with genetics; however, this should not be an excuse for you to not being able to eliminate it. Yes, it is genetics in the fact where this happens to be the place where most of your fat is stored.However, if you ate the correct foods, there wouldn’t be any fat to store.

Another thing I did to help me eliminate my stubborn belly fat was that I started eating whole foods. I don’t touch anything that is fried, I stay away from pastries altogether, I don’t eat carbs past 8:00PM, and when I do have them, they are equally proportionate to the amount of protein I intake.

Another thing you can do to help eliminate that stubborn belly fat is that you should really start eating 6 smaller meals a day. This will help a lot with the whole genetic ordeal, in that it helps increase your metabolism. The better your metabolism, the harder it is for those fat deposits to build up the way they do.

I hope you found this information informative, but to get more in depth information on the subject matter you may want to check out some of the programs that we have researched that are related to the subject of losing stubborn belly fat, and many other aspects of fat loss.

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by Christopher Gibbs

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