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Fasting to Lose Weight - 4 Points of Caution

Posted by mike

Fasting can be an effective way to lose weight in the short term. However, if you decide to try fasting for the purposes of weight loss, here are 4 things you should keep in mind:
1. Slows down your metabolism: Fasting actually slows down your metabolism and the effects of your slower metabolism can last well beyond the end of your fast. This means that, while you will likely lose weight during the course of your fast, it will be more difficult for you to keep the weight off once the fast is over.
2. Can lead to muscle wasting and malnutrition: Despite its notorious weight loss qualities, fasting can lead to malnutrition and the wasting of your muscles. A full-time fasting regimen for anything but a short duration could potentially be dangerous to your health.
3. Not sustainable: Fasting can be very effective in the short term for losing 10 or more pounds. However, it is of course not sustainable and you will eventually have to end your fast. This means that you will be faced with the same weight-related issues you had before you started your fast. For long-term weight loss and weight management, you need to find a diet plan that works with your current lifestyle for a sustainable solution moving forward.
4. Dangerous for diabetics and people with other diseases: For diabetics, fasting can cause hypoglycemia - a dangerous reduction in blood sugar levels. Also, it can conversely cause hyperglycemia (the condition of having too much sugar in the blood) if the diabetic stops taking his or her medication while fasting. People with diabetes should check with their doctors before starting a fast.
Despite its potentially desirable ability to cause weight loss, fasting for the purposes of losing weight can have negative short-term and longer-term health effects. And, fasting is not a sustainable weight loss solution. If you do try fasting, be sure to choose a diet plan to start once your fast is over that supports your health and weight goals in a sustainable way.

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