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Get A Hot And Lean Body- No Exercise No Dieting

Posted by Yulia Berry

Feel embarrassed on looking yourself in the mirror everytime?

Get regular exercise and eat right n healthy..Sick of hearing this?

Come on guys; do not live in the illusion that if you are not slim then you can never look good! This is totally wrong. Even if you are plump, does not matter. You have the full right to look sexy.

There is no need to panic! I know you want instant results. So, for that you need to manage your extra fat with a few tricks.. Wondering what are they?

Here are some tips for you to jazz up your style a bit!

Tips for your Upper Body

1. Wear a single color from your head to toe, then throw on a flash of color or contrast with a cardigan, blazer or an over-shirt

2. Do not button-up your blazer or cardigan if you want to enhance the vertical lines of your outfit

3. Cover your bulky parts instead of exposing them coz this will play a havoc to your personality. For example, if your arms are bulky then you should not wear sleeveless shirts or blouses rather go for elbow-length

4. Wear shirts instead of t-shirts as they make you appear much slimmer than you are

5. Wear shirts that fall below your waist. Avoid the shirts that tuck in.

Tips for your Lower Body

1. Another trick to look slimmer is to wear pants that zip on the side instead in the front

2. Add high heels to your fashion statement as this will add height and give a nice shape to your legs

3. If your abs area is like a hanging belly, then wrap-top is a must. Layering in same fabric and color will provide a slim look

4. Wear long trousers and no pockets n pleats please as this will bulk up your mid section. Pair your pants with a long tunic top or long jacket without tucking in.

Skirt Wearing Tips For Women

1. Use fuller, long skirts instead of shorter ones

2. If straight ones then short will look good; too long ones will make you look too old than you are

3. If heavy buttocks, then avoid skirts with pleats

4. Skirts should be knee-length in general, A-line skirts or straight skirts are also good

5. Skirt should end just before your ankle. This could also look flattering but not for those with fat ankles

6. Match your accessories including shoes to your outfit for an overall slimmer look

So, try these and the result will be in front of you.

After getting the instant improvement in your looks with these tips, what you need is to go for a permanent change inside your body. And for this you just go for the information available online by visiting certain reliable fitness websites. You will get the motivation to make efforts to get a hot and lean body forever without worrying about what to wear and what not to.

So, what are you waiting for my friend? Just take out some time for yourself and refresh your wardrobe to get a new- YOU!

by Navneet Brar

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  1. Great post, I like fact that is says nothing about having to lose weight. Not many people are over happy with their body, but it is important that we still feel confident and happy about them. Like you said, “Even if you are plump, does not matter.” :)

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