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3 Parts Of Your Workout To Burn Belly Fat

Posted by Steve

Burning belly fat is one of the main reasons men and women start exercising. I know as I get older, the battle to burn off belly fat becomes more difficult. Therefore, I would like to share with you 3 ways to burn belly fat during your workout.

People are always looking for the best way to burn belly fat. Is aerobic, cardio training best? Is strength training (lifting weights) best? What about intervals? Or is there a combination of activities that is responsible for burning the most belly fat in the shortest period of time?

The answer may surprise you!

First off, I want you to forget about what you just read in your favorite magazine. I know, your favorite sports star says he keeps his belly fat low by doing X, but forget about it. The truth of the matter is, many of you reading this are not professional athletes and don’t have hours to spend in the gym. You are most likely people who have a life and want to get rid of the belly fat in the shortest time possible. So these methods are for you.

First, do a quick 5 minute warm up with bodyweight exercises. Do exercises for your entire body (lower, upper and core). This gets the blood pumping and prepares the whole body for more strenuous activity. Plus, it is better than the 5 minutes on the exercise bike or walking on the treadmill. Your warm up, should be looked at as part of your workout, and not some worthless preliminary activity. Every second spent training should help to burn off that fat. Remember, time is short!

Then you should do the strength training portion of your workout using resting supersets. A resting superset is when you do two non-competing exercises back to back with 1 minute rest in between. (By non-competing, I mean the exercise does not focus on the same movement or muscle group). Compared to the set 1, rest, set 2 rest, set 3 rest format most people use, this method allows you to more work done in a shorter time without negatively effecting performance. And since you’ll be moving through the workout quickly, you’ll burn more belly fat!

To finish, do about 18 minutes of interval training. Yes, only 18 minutes and not 30-45 minutes you are probably used to doing with steady state cardio. Your interval training session should be made up of a warm up period for a few minutes, followed by intervals of more intense activity followed by intervals of lower activity, and then a cool down for a few minutes. It will be demanding, so no watching TV or checking your pulse for the fabled “target heart rate”. Trust me, the more intense you make this part of your workout (within your fitness level of course), the more belly fat you will burn off, both during and after the workout!

Now, if these 3 methods for burning off belly fat (bodyweight warm up, superset weight training and intervals), are dramatically different than the workout program you normally do, great! After all, if the workout you normally do burns off the belly fat like you want, you wouldn’t be reading this article!

This workout structure does more than burn off belly fat, it builds an athletic, muscular, lean body. After all, your best body is probably not achieved by burning belly fat alone. You need to build a body that looks great once you strip the fat off using these methods.

By Eddie Lomax

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