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3 Keys to Quickly Losing Belly Fat

Posted by Phillip Richards

Let’s face it, losing belly fat isn’t easy. Both men and women struggle with excess belly fat for a number of reasons. Often times it is the last fat to go on our bodies when we lose weight making it the most difficult to get rid of. For women hormones and pregnancy can make losing stomach fat more difficult as well.

Losing belly fat is important for more than just appearance, though, since it is the most dangerous area to carry excess fat on your body and can lead to increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and other serious health concerns.

When it comes to losing stomach fat most people approach the problem incorrectly. They either do a bunch of sit ups hoping to lose the fat, they go on a starvation diet, low carb diet or low fat diet, or else they do tons and tons of cardio thinking that burning the extra calories will help the fat melt away.

In fact, though, none of these things are going to give you the results that you want as far as losing fat. Instead, here are 3 keys to quickly losing belly fat that you should focus on instead.

1. Exercise to Build Muscle

Cardio burns a lot of calories and can seem like the answer to losing fat. However, building muscle is actually going to help you burn off the fat more quickly than cardio. Rather than only doing cardio or aerobic exercise to lose belly fat, focus on adding some strength training to your workouts. The more lean muscle you add to your body the faster your metabolism will run and the more calories you will burn even while you are sitting around doing nothing.

You should still do cardio as well, but you should focus more on strength training. To get the biggest boost in your metabolism work on the largest muscle groups in your body like your legs and backside.

Ladies, don’t worry. Building muscle is not going to make you “bulk up” or get bigger. Instead it will give you the sleek, toned look that you see models and actresses have.

2. Forget the Sit-ups and Crunches

Sit-ups and crunches are not the answer to losing belly fat. While they will work to build your stomach muscles, they won’t do anything to burn off the fat that is covering those muscles. That means that you may have great abs, but they are hidden away under a layer of fat.

Again, rather than doing sit-ups or crunches focus on doing strength training all over your body and throw a little cardio into the mix to get faster results.

3. Stop Starving Yourself

Low fat, low carb and starvation diets are not the answer to getting rid of tummy fat. In fact, all three types of diets can negatively affect your metabolism and make it more difficult for you to lose the fat.

Rather than dieting to lose weight, you need to shift your focus and diet to lose fat instead. A fat loss diet will provide enough energy to your muscles to keep them strong, will keep your metabolism from slowing down like it does with other diets and will allow you to melt off the fat more quickly than you thought possible.

By Beth Larson

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