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How to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise

Posted by Niapage

It is very possible to lose belly fat and weight without exercise (although its still good for you), and you do not have to follow a strict diet. This is a special diet that improves the body’s digestive system and forces it to burn a lot of fat quickly. The foods you eat during this process (2 weeks) are the same foods you enjoy eating, excluding fast foods. By following the guidelines below you will make your body burn tons of belly fat and lose weight quickly.

First you have to eat during the same times everyday. This has to continue for at least 2 weeks which will make body get used to digesting foods at certain times. The body is amazing at adapting itself to changes and if the body knows when to expect food then it will digest it better thus allowing your metabolism to increase. Again this trains the body to work like a machine that will NOT FALTER. If you eat during random periods of the day the body is not used to digesting foods and can be overwhelmed with other problems. The key is to let your body focus primarily on one function (digestion). The better its focus, the better it digests!

Second, it is extremely important that you eat MORE than 3 FULL meals a day. These meals can consist of your favorite foods too excluding fast foods once again. This method sounds strange but works in the opposite way of what most people may think. Eating more than 3 FULL meals a day allows the body to process foods as a whole which is key. This allows the body to complete digestion in one procedure. The result is faster metabolism and faster fat burn.

You see many of today’s foods are very processed and are very difficult for the body to digest. Because this is evident, when people eat, they have a high probability of not digesting fully. This is one of the main reasons why so many people are constipated and bloated.

Think of your digestive system as a clogged drain. It used to be unclogged but you kept pouring sticky substances into it (Your digested food) and some of it would stick and not go through the pipe. As you kept pouring more sticky substances, some of it would get stuck to to the older substances that dried up and increase the mass, clogging the drain even more. That is one of the main causes in weight gain. It also slows down metabolism and increases belly fat. Thus your digestive system is clogged and needs to be unclogged!

Again you can fix that problem by eating more than 3 times a day which will help the food being digested to remove older undigested foods in your body. When you eat a full meal it passes through your intestinal tract and scrapes away old undigested food. This will clean up your digestive system, improve metabolism, and burn a lot of fat at the same time! This technique works wonders!

By Vitaliy Gershfeld

And by combining a fixed schedule into this method, consuming more than 3 full meals a day when implemented correctly helps the body work on automatic pilot and burn tons of fat! However this method’s potential can be multiplied 5 times by a special technique called calorie shifting. With it you can burn an enormous amount of fat, thus losing a lot of weight very quickly!

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38 Responses

  1. Hello my name is Vanilla Londo and i had my baby 6 months ago how can i loose my belly fat i still look like im havin a baby tell what can i do to loose my belly fat

  2. is there a forum on the site?

  3. I suffer from cronic pain,neck,arms, back,and legs so exercise isn’t an option.I am have diabetis and need to loss 100 lds. Any ideas?

  4. Hello my name is mphephu takalani and my wife has six mmonths baby 6 and her is still belly looking like she have a baby ,what can she do to loss belly fats

  5. hi , i pawan kumari want to reduce my 10 kg weight , but i have hypothyroid and bit of harmonal disorder (Prolactin ) . Is it possible to reduce weight . Many Thanks . i will be highly thankful to u . :-)

  6. Now days nearly everyone’s watching his weight regarding great obesity problem in the World. Of course many questions rise: How to lose weight? Where to get the information about it or/and the help of professionals? And more particular question : how to get rid of belly fat or how to make your belly flat. In the internet lots of sources about healthy lifestyle, fitness, diets etc. Every one’s looking for most convenient for him/herself. From my own experience I can say, it is not too hard to control your own weight on vital level, if you already have found right program. If to explain in simple way it is: - Don’t eat a lot of food per day
    - Eat mostly vegetables and fruits and dairy products
    - Drink plenty of plain water (at least 2,0 litres per day)
    - Exclude from your ration bredish products, sugar and soft drink
    - And, of course, you have to do any kind of exercise
    It is summary. More detailed information you find on particular websites.
    I keep my weight almost at the same level for many years following this simple plan

  7. I totally agree wıth Olga’s advıce, which is similar to what the post says.
    We should try to eat *less* food each meal, but more than three times a day.

    Also, exercising is fundamental to keep your metabolism active.

    – Janet

  8. i agree theres no such thing as getting -off those belly fat so easy,youve got to do some effort on your part…

  9. While I do think these types of quick “detox’s” can be a great way to jumpstart a weight loss journey, it needs to be said that this is not a permanent fix. If a healthy lifestyle doesn’t follow these diets you will simply gain all of it back

  10. To loose the fat on my belly, I avoid softdrinks and drink lots of water.Plus I make sure that I eat less meat and stuff on fruits and veggies more. On top of this, I take long brisk walks everyday and do sit-ups before going to bed.

  11. how could i loss only on one part of my body???

  12. How would I lose 10 pounds really fast without meat or whatever- I’m a veggie.

  13. am a nigeria,i ned fast tips on weight loss

  14. my name is jamila, and i gave birth to my kids by operation, but belly is too big so please help me.

  15. i’ve been excercising 4 2 months now and i am getting tremendous results thou i tend 2 slip up my diet sometimes… I av been having problems getting rid of my arms and belly fat, pls i need help!

  16. You are what you eat. If you want to lose weight without exercise, than you need to set up your diet plan. Banana Morning Breakfast is one of them.

  17. i wud rily luv to lose weight on my arms and i v belly fat.i wud rily luv 2 get rid of them.how do i go about it?

  18. A few home remedies for weight loss:

    Green Tea : Boost your metabolism by drinking green tea. Research has shown that green tea can aid weight loss by helping to burn an estimated extra 78 Calories per day.

    Morning weight loss drink : Boil one cup of water with lemon juice and honey to create a weight loss boost that should be consumed every morning.

    For more information about natural home remedies for women and kids ; chennaimoms

  19. You must have a good and healthy food for fast losing weight.

  20. This is a great idea…
    thank you..

  21. I just plainly never believed that anyone could actually get a healthy way to lose belly fat without exercising or anything. If you want to earn well…you need to work hard. The line “no pain, no gain” really pumps up my energy when doing my workout routines.

  22. My life has always been about food, with little fear as to what I was putting in my stomach. Reading Sexy Women Eat, I’m reminded that I should not be ashamed of what I’m eating, but instead focus on adding key healthy elements to my meals. Skipping dessert is not an option and the recipes provided for the Muffins That Won’t Give You Muffin Top are quite literally the easiest and best dessert (and breakfast) a girl could ask for. Healthy doesn’t always mean terrible tasting. Try these tips and you will definitely see the difference. All your fat will vanish.

  23. I just plainly never believed that anyone could actually get a healthy way to lose belly fat without exercising or anything.I cant believe that concept,but it may be do for that method…

  24. daily workout is more important to burn our calories however food may be taken to low fats and calories, let we take high fibres food with more water it wil help us to reduce weight.

  25. Is this for real? I’d still prefer to work hard and feel the fruits of my hard work. Good post, though.

  26. Workout is really not necessary to maintain your weight healthy but you really have to do some activities: walking instead of driving for short distance or play some games outdoors , whatsoever. Very important what kind of food you eat and how much water you drink a day. It is very good post .

  27. Thanks for the great information. I’ve always heard and read that it’s generally better for the digestive system and for weight loss to eat 5 or 6 smaller meals throughout the day rather than 3 large/regular size meals. In conjunction with this, even moderate exercise such as walking for 30 minutes per day can go a long way in accelerating the weight loss. Good luck to all!

  28. i ned to loose 20 lbs in aa month. what do i do?

  29. Detoxing from toxic foods is a great way to jumpstart your fat loss but regular exercise really is the key to burning the fat and keeping it off

  30. The essence of the work of; exercise + diet = weight loss

  31. I still can’t believe that to lose weight we have to eat mote than 3 times a day. Does it really work?

  32. Pls let me know how to loose belly fat fast. I have undergone 2 caesarean operations 13 years back. Pls help.

  33. i need to lose weight from my belly in 6 / 8 weekz can it be dun and how? about 2 stone? plz reply thanx oh and good post.

  34. I am 22 years old woman.I have 78kg weight.my height 164cm.hoe can reduce my weight to 64kg?

  35. I am 30 yrs male. I have 72 kgs wt I want to loss 10 kg wt with in 30 days pl tell me permt tips for wt reduce , I always take small qty of meal and I doing reguler exercise but I not loss more than 1 kg wt pl help me

  36. Not so fast my friend! Losing fat is not only emptying the pipes. You sure need exercises (or at least be very active) and watch what goes in the pipes (quality of food)

  37. 1cup honey .1/4 cup apple vinegar and 250grams garlic [chop into very small pieces, don’t use chopper machine] mix them together ,keep in refrigerator and daily eat 1 table spoon in morning after 30 minutes take breakfast
    this tip is very useful to lose weight fast.1tablespoon of this mixture can be taken by mixing it with 1cup of slightly warm water it is easy way to swallow .

  38. For anyone that would like to stop dieting once and for all, there is a 30 year medical breakthrough that does exactly that, a natural product that burns fat without dieting, calculating calories, skipping or replacing meals and at the same time rebalances all levels of the body like helping to control cholesterol and triglycerides levels, helps balance blood sugar, decreases leptin resistance, regulates bowel function, stimulates immune system and increases your energy without stimulant. This is all backed by 8 clinical studies, check it out!

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