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Transformation By Hypnosis - How Weight Loss By Hypnosis Could Be The Ultimate Solution!

Posted by mike

You’ve a friend who is unhealthily overweight. But try as he might, he can’t seem to lose the extra pounds. You want to help but you don’t know how. I have a suggestion — transformation by hypnosis. That’s right, I am actually talking about weight loss by hypnosis.

Does hypnosis work? Can it help someone change a habit or make a change? Time and again, hypnosis has proven to be an effective clinical method.

So how does one go about causing transformation by hypnosis? Here’s a simple 4 step approach to help your friend lose the extra pounds –

1. Find a quiet room

One without any bright lights and with no distractions like loud noises.

2. Make him relax

Get your friend to relax by slowly breathing in and out, through his nose and his mouth respectively.

Tell him to imagine that each breath takes on both a color and a worry or thought in his mind. As he breathes out, he should imagine the color going off together with the thought or worry.

3. Tell him to “fill up”

Next he must picture a liquid slowly filling up his body. Beginning from his toes, to his legs, his hips, his body and so on until it reaches the top of his head. The idea is as the liquid goes up his body, each body part is to relax.

4. Do negative and then positive visualization

Once he is completely relaxed, you will firstly plant in his mind all the negative aspects of having extra weight on him. The clumsiness, the rude stares from children, the wheezing everytime he tries to catch a bus, the possibility of heart problems and an early death, and him not living long enough to see his children grow up.

After this, get him to picture what life would be like if the weight were gone. How much more agile he will be, all the physical things he could do with his wife and kids, the sharp clothes he can then buy and wear, a long life where he will live to meet his grandchildren.

Ask him to drown himself in these pleasurable scenes and imagine with his 5 senses the joy he would experience — the sounds, the smells, the tastes, the touch and the sights. You then slowly get him to fade the pictures away and get back to now.

If you do this exercise with your friend often, he will find that his body will start to want to lose weight unconsciously. He will be better able to stick to diets and exercise plans, the weight will start to drop off, and he will have an easier time moving about.

This is fundamentally how transformation by hypnosis works. Does it work everytime? It has a high chance of success. Weight loss by hypnosis is just one of the many changes and habits that hypnosis can help with. There’s a lot more it can do. You too might be able to use hypnosis to turn your life around for the better and become more fulfilled and happy.

By Hendric Pasquale

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