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Best Aerobic Exercise Burns Belly Fat

Posted by Yulia Berry

The best aerobic exercise will help you burn belly fat and improve your overall general health. There are many forms of aerobic exercise that will bring you many benefits. There really isn’t one single exercise that sets it apart from other forms.

The benefits of aerobic exercise include:

* enhanced mood

* decreased blood pressure

* lower total cholesterol

* protection against certain cancers

* reduced risk of diabetes

* healthier heart

* increased stamina

* leaner appearance with less total body fat

Aerobic exercise is one of the best things you can do to burn calories. Here is a list that will give you a general idea of how effectively certain activities burn calories. The number given is for a 150 lb. person involved in the activity for 30 minutes.

* walking slowly - 90

* golf with a cart - 105

* walking at a moderate pace - 120

* housework - 135

* walking briskly - 150

* swimming 25 yards per minute - 160

* bicycling at 10 miles per hour - 188

* stair climbing - 210

* aerobics step training, 4 inch steps (beginner) - 218

* rowing machine - 270

* jogging 5 miles per hour - 278

* jogging 6 miles per hour - 345

* running 8 miles per hour - 458

Even the best aerobic exercise session will be enhanced with a proper warm up before exercising and a cool down following the session. Here are some reasons that warming up and cooling down are important:

Warm Up

1. Promotes gradual metabolic adaptation. The warm up prepares your body for the increase in oxygen consumption.

2. Prevents lactic acid build up that causes post exercise soreness.

3. Reduces the risk of injury that occurs from moving cold muscles.

4. Improves coronary blood flow as your exercise session begins.

5. Enhanced elasticity of tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, and muscles.

6. Prepares you mentally for your exercise session.

Cool Down

1. Prevents the light-headed or dizzy sensation that comes from venous blood pooling when you abruptly end your exercise session.

2. Prevents cramping.

3. Lowers the concentration of hormones such as norepinephrine that lead to disturbances in heart rhythm.

Current scientific research results are revealing just how important it is to find the best aerobic exercise that works for you. The dangers of carrying excessive amounts of belly fat are now well documented. The obesity epidemic is continuing to spread and brings with it some severe medical problems.

These health problems include diabetes, stroke, heart attack, cancer, and increased risk of dementia. Reducing belly fat can significantly reduce the risk of these and Heart Disease. This, in addition to looking and feeling better, should motivate us to find the best aerobic exercise and consistently use it to lose belly fat and improve our health.

We must also remember that to optimize our exercise programs we should include strength training and a healthy diet. Strength training should be performed at least twice each week. Focus on the major muscle groups. Increased muscle mass will help turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

Read my 5 Considerations for an Effective Cardio Exercise Program at http://www.elite-wellness-coaching.com/best-aerobic-exercise.html

By Dr. Steve Tuggle

Dr. Steve Tuggle is the Head Coach at Elite Wellness Coaching. He is a practicing dentist, certified personal trainer (ACE, ACSM), certified wellness coach, life coach, ordained minister, and internet entrepreneur.

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