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10 Easy Weight Loss Tips

Posted by Steve

1. Don’t eat too much Stop when you are 80% full. Eat more than you need and the excess is stored in your body as fat.

2. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Fiber fills your stomach. It helps keep your hunger pangs away. A diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains would give you the nutrients you need. A good mix of beans or lean meat would give you the necessary protein.

3. Cut the junk. Potato crisps, chocolates, ice cream and deep fried anything adds on the fat, far more calories that fresh fruit. Snack on fresh fruit instead.

4. Do not starve yourself. I know, if you stop eating, the weight would go off, but how long can you sustain a starvation diet. It just isnt’ healthy. Your body will lack the nutrients it needs and in the long run, that would lead to health problems, mess with your looks and your metabolic rate. Skin, hair and nails are the first to suffer as they become dull and lifeless. Hair and nails become brittle. You’d even start losing hair if you continue starving yourself. Your body goes into starvation mode and when you finally eat like a normal person, you put on twice the weight and then, it becomes even harder to lose it as your body stubbornly clings to its fat stores in self preservation.

5. Drink plain water. Mineral water or boiled, cooled water with a slice of lemon would do just as well. Avoid colas, sweetened drinks and beer. Do you know how many calories a can of coke has? How many calories do you drink each day without realizing it? Beer and other alcoholic drinks are worse as your body treat alcohol as fat. Heard of the beer belly?

6. Pick a workout and stick to it everyday. Best time? First thing in the morning. Go for a run. Ride a bike. If it rains, you could use a skipping rope, an exercise bike or a treadmill.

7. Walk instead of taking the bus if your destination is 1 or 2 stops away.

8. Take the stairs instead of the lift. You’ll burn calories as you walk up or down the stairs.

9. Besides cardio exercises as in running or biking, go for strength training as well. Muscle burns more calories.

10.Get enough sleep every night. Aim to go to bed early at the end of the day. Take care of your body. The rest would take care of itself.

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  1. Yeah some good tips. Does anyone know some good healthy snacks as the chocolates and ice-cream are the killers for me…

  2. Very good tips. Thanks alot ;)

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