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Low Calorie Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Posted by Journey

I normally don’t approve of low calorie diets. I find them too restrictive, and bad for your weight in the long term. The reason is that low calorie diets tend to slow down the metabolism during the weight loss process. While this may still allow for a short term weight loss, it hurts your long term goals. Your slow metabolism causes your body to regain weight once your go off the diet.

That being said, there is one low calorie diet plan which seems to be an exception and does actually work. Indeed, this diet is the only diet I know of which was tested by Johns Hopkins university and found to produce remarkable weight loss results.

This is the MediFast diet which is also known as the 5 and 1 plan as this diet is made up of 5 meal replacements a day, which you order by mail, and one regular meal which you make yourself. The daily calorie amount is low, but people have succeeded to lose a lot of weight with it. In fact, the Johns Hopkins study of the diet showed that people lose an average of 60 pounds while on the diet.

The Medifast diet is mostly used by people who have a lot of weight to lose, 40 pounds or more. The low calorie amount yields a rapid fat loss.

This low calorie diet comes in different versions for men, women, and diabetics so it can be used by virtually everyone. Make no mistake, this isn’t such an easy diet to follow due to its being a low calorie plan. But if you’re looking for a proven way to lose a lot of weight, then the Medifast may be the plan you were looking for.

By John Davenport

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