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7 Steps to Healthy Weight Loss

Posted by Journey

If healthy weight loss is your goal, these seven easy tips are sure to help you achieve it.

1. Don’t Skip Meals

One of the absolute worst things you can do when trying to lose weight is to skip meals. Nothing can trip up a diet faster. By skipping meals, you could force your body into “starvation mode”, causing it to hang on to the weight you’re trying lose. That’s because your body reacts as if it is literally starving, retaining the fat as a protective measure. Another problem with skipping meals is that by the time you do get around to eating, you’ll probably overeat, making up for the calories you skipped earlier, and then some.

2. Practice Portion Control

The key to a healthy diet and weight management is portion control. Being aware of how much we eat is just as important as knowing what we eat. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to figure out what a “normal” portion size is, especially in a world where bigger is better. We’re surrounded by restaurants serving overflowing plates of food and all-you-can-eat buffets. One way to counter this is to learn what a recommended serving size is for the foods we eat and what it looks like. Being able to visualize a healthy serving will make it easier to put sensible portions on your plate.

3. Consume More Whole Grains

Adding more whole grains and produce to your diet is essential for healthy weight loss. Grains, fruits, and vegetables are nutrient rich, low in calories and fat, and high in fiber, allowing you to eat more of them, more often, without gaining weight. Also, the fiber in whole grains and produce will make you feel fuller longer, helping you avoid overeating, while also helping you control your portions better. As an added benefit, you could see your health improve thanks to the added nutrients which may be missing from your diet.

4. Read Food Labels

Understanding food labels is an easy, yet critical, skill in the pursuit of healthy weight loss. Without it, you can’t count calories, figure out serving sizes, or compare labels, making informed food choices virtually impossible.

5. Drink More Water

Shoot for eight glasses a day, as conventional wisdom suggests. It seems like a lot, and it is, but only if you try to drink it all at once. Spread your water consumption throughout the day, replacing the sodas or sugary drinks you normally have with meals with a couple of glasses of water. If you drink two glasses with lunch and two with dinner, you’re halfway there. And you’ve avoided all the calories found in those other beverages. You may also prevent overeating by staying well-hydrated.

6. Snack Between Meals

In order to maintain blood sugar levels, it’s necessary to eat every three to four hours. That’s where snacks come in. They help you maintain proper blood sugar levels and prevent you from getting too hungry between meals, helping you control your portions and avoid overeating at mealtime. Of course, the snack you choose must be healthy and satisfying. For example, try an apple, which is high in fiber and low in calories, with reduced fat cottage cheese, which is an excellent source of protein.

7. Get Some Exercise

Exercise doesn’t have to mean running a marathon or hours spent in the gym lifting weights. The important thing is to get your heart-rate up. Riding a bike or taking a brisk walk will get your heart pumping faster, boosting your metabolism. Work your way up to 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week. It’s important, though, to go at your own pace. It won’t do you any good to push yourself so hard you end up dreading your workouts, leading you to skip them.

By Rob Pitts

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31 Responses

  1. yeah all good tips. I think drinking more water is a big key. Another good idea is to have 2 glasses of water before starting a meal that way you feel a bit fuller and are less likely to overeat.

  2. I would have to disagree with the 8 glasses of water tip. That myth started when someone realized that we need about the equivalent of that amount in our daily intake… but we get most of that from food! Drinking too much water can dilute the system and cause health problems.

    But replacing soda with water is a great way to cut down hundreds of calories right away. It’s best to wean yourself off of soda slowly or you’ll find yourself craving it…

    I would recommend an all natural supplement to curb appetite, particularly around heavy snack times: http://www.pastoreformulations.com/product_p/005.htm. This is great because it’s not like a diet pill, which is typically loaded with caffeine and other stimulants. All of the ingredients are naturally occurring!

  3. I actually find that going hungry in between meals is the key to weight loss for me. That means your body has burned off the calories from the previous meal. If I want to satiate the hunger I will eat vegetables or fruit, no high calorie or high fat anything: so, in this respect you are starving yourself slightly and getting your body to burn more.

  4. Some really good points. I think that eating breakfast, eating healthy mid meals and drinking plenty of water are keys to successful weight loss.

  5. I think that the water intake is a myth too, as all I end up doing is going to the toilet more and more and feeling bloated. I like to (try to) eat healthy and exercise - I think as soon as you are starting to feel that you are getting somewhere and losing weight it gives you momentum to really succeed with your healthy weight loss

  6. Great post! i especially found it useful where you stated. I’m an agler not a fighter.

  7. Some great info you have here. I totally agree with cutting out pop/soda and replacing it with water. That right there is a great way to lose weight in itself.

  8. All great tips.

    However, the water tip is subjective. You need to drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated, thats all. For some people this is indeed 8 glasses, for others far less. This of course depends on your weight, body composition, age, and activity level. As I said, the amount of water you should consume is subjective. Just make sure you drink enough to keep your thirst quenched, and enough to produce a healthy amount of sweat during exercise.

    I would like to ADD a tip to the list, lets call it number 8 if you will. (No offense to you Journey)

    Tip 8) Keep a food log. If you are going to bother reading food labels and managing portion sizes, you might as well keep a log of what you eat. Also make sure you know your daily caloric needs so you can plan a daily calorie deficit. So heres the bottom line, plan how many calories you are going to eat every day, then write down everything you do. If you control your portions throughout the day and write it all down, by the end of the day you should be well within your calorie limit.

    By keeping a food log you will be sure not to overeat as you will know exactly what you eat and how much as you eat it.

  9. I agree especially with number 3, I lost 20 pounds in one month due to this

    3. Consume More Whole Grains

  10. Keepign that water consumption up always seems to be tough for me and I don’t know why - it should be so easy!

  11. People need to know how much a danger they cause to themselves by skipping meal. No one loses weight by skipping meal.

  12. These are all great tips. There is another very important and critical tip that will make a big difference.

    Eat slowly and stop eating when you are just satisfied. Do not eat until you are full. It takes your stomach about 20-30 minutes to register fullness. So, if you eat until you are full, you are eating too much. And, 20 minutes later you will feel very full.

    Learn to recognize your bodies signals and learn to stop eating when you are just shy of being full. This will make a world of difference, and you won’t have that miserable stuffed feeling anymore.

    One of the keys to succeeding at this though, is eating slowly!!

  13. I’m a 20 yr old college student..this is all so hard to do with having so much homework,classes,work,and a social life. I played sports my entire life and stayed in top shape until freshman year of college and time slowly became tight and I have no time to work out, and the walks to class dont seem to help me any.Im beginning to notice some weight gain, and am scared to diet because Iv always heard your breast are the first to go, and I finally have that since I am gaining weight! Any advice?

  14. I unfortunately gained the freshman 15, then another 15, and another 15…Now sitting at an unhealthy weight, this post is helping to motivate me to move to a healthy weight, thanks!

  15. Nice tips, I think people need to digest the principles of balanced diet and exercise before putting it to work, knowing your calorite, vitamin and other intakes can be hard work, or finding time to do the right things!

  16. This article provides some excellent advice.

    Eating three healthy meals per day is important for weight loss. Breakfast and lunch should be the main meals of the day with dinner being the smallest. This allows the body time to digest the food in the evening and facilitates fat burning during sleep.

  17. Thank you all so much! Since I dont have sports to motivate me to stay fit anymore, I’m going to find a 5K nearby to motivate me to get back into shape and loose those extra pounds. The food log idea also is helping me, once getting in the rountine of writing it down, I become more aware of what I am putting into my body!

  18. i don’t think eating every 2 hours is a diet…!

  19. I think its really up to one’s body. Everyone who is trying to lose weight should try few things and see what the results are and whatever works the best, stick to it!

  20. Excellent point!! I can’t agree more. When I first started to try to lose weight, I tried to skip meals and it made me miserable and then when I found out it was counter productive I was shocked.

  21. I always eat packing food, that why food label reading is one of the most effective way to reduce my body weight. I should try portion food in between instead of having a huge meal all the time. Thanks for the sharing.

  22. Hi, great post. The 2 big ones for me is not skipping a meal especially breakfast, and drinking water. I drink 8 to 10 glasses (purified) water a day and it not only makes you feel great but your skin will benefit as well. Check out my related articles posted at my blog, thanks:

    Keep up the good work

  23. Good and to the point 7 tips for weight loss.
    Thanks Rob for the good article. However their is one point Rob many times I come across people who knows many tips if not all but still don’t follow, how can they lose weight. Any tip on that.

    With Regards

  24. I agree completely, skipping meals, especially breakfast is one of the worst things you can do.

  25. I agree with all points, they are really great for weight loss. The only one I slightly disagree with is the emphasis on not skipping breakfast. Generally this is seen as bad because most people who skip breakfast are so hungry by lunchtime that they always pick a larger or fattier option for lunch. But it’s not the case for everyone, I’ve managed to cut out eating until lunchtime all together, I drink a lot of cups of normal tea and peppermint tea. Then at lunch i have a lentil and cous cous salad or some steamed chicken and vegetables. This satisfies me fine and is easy to keep up and I’ve lost 2 and a half stone in five months!
    I think you justhave to judge what works for you.

    Great tips for weight loss. Keep going everyone! xxxx

  26. My friends mom was very overweight and she went on a diet where you eat (a very small portion of something and something healthy, such as a yogurt cup or an apple) every 2 hours and she excersized around 30 min. a day and she went from about I would say a size 20+ down to a 6 so that is a very effective diet but one main point is watching your calorie intake since you are eating so often. Also with this diet since you eat so often, at meals you arent very hungry so you dont over eat.

  27. Great article about healthy weight loss tips. One that is crucial is not skipping meals. I have seen too many people think that skipping meals is appropriate. It’s not. Actually 5 meals a day is better in small proportions.

  28. Those who are in diet, they must practice this 7 Tips on a healthy weight loss. It is very important not to skip meals especially when you wake up in the morning, breakfast routine must always be on practice. This moment, your cells are seeking for a nutritional content that your body will maintain its balance. Second, you must make yourself a list, when you go to the supermarket you must have the foods that are nutritious, chose those that gives you the best diet you need, fruits and vegetables.

    Water is the best medicine when once you skipped a meal. It helps you get away from dehydration. Even if you did not take much of foods, but set aside those junk foods. This is not a good snack between meals.

    Exercise everyday, that’s good!

  29. These are all great tips and when you start losing weight motivation is the 8th great tip. If you can lose weight each week, you stay motivated. You do gain energy. Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are estimated to cause 300,000 - 400,000 deaths each year in the USA. Not only that, obesity has taken over smoking as the #1 preventable cause of death. And, the big four, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer are all linked to being overweight.

    Eating every three hours is essential. It helps you burn fat stores and increases your metabolism. You can lose the weight and stay motivated. But losing weight is personal, it’s about you learning how to develop a healthy positive approach to your personal weight loss needs.

  30. Practising portion control is a good tip. If you read the labels on products the suggested portion size is key, for example the recommended serving for cereal is often 30g, but I for one often fill up a good sized bowl which is probably three times that. Keeping a set of electronic scales in easy reach is a good tip.

  31. I believe that the best way to get rid of the extra weight is to work out in the gym and to drink plenty of water. And apart from that abstaining from eating high calorie food is the best way to keep the body in shape.

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