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Simple 3 Day Detox Diet Recipe

Posted by Yulia Berry

Doing a 3 day detox is a simple way to stay healthy and to lose weight . It’s only 3 days so it will not be a grueling marathon. I find short detox diets done more often works better for me. This simple detox should increase your energy too.

On the First Day:
Start your day with water and a little lemon juice, it is refreshing. Don’t drink anything else except a little fresh fruit juice, not the kind with added sugar. For Breakfast you should have a light wholegrain cereal and fruit, oatmeal is ok if you prefer.

When lunchtime rolls around eat just vegetables and a few ounces of fish. The type of vegetables and fish I leave up to your taste. Your body has a sense of what is best for it. See how easy this is? You won’t even feel hungry.

Have a similar meal for dinner. Make sure to leave off oils and salt, or really any heavy seasoning. Day 1 is focused on vegetables, a little fish, and plenty of lemon water.

For the second day:
You keep drinking lemon water and plenty of it, your body will let you know if it is too much, don’t be thinking of gallons though, OK? Stay away from coffee or tea are allowed (Do I have to tell you, No Junk Food?)

Your Breakfast today will be just fresh fruit and lemon water. Go with what is available, in season, your favorites. I like apples, peaches, grapes and maybe a banana if I am feeling super hungry. Eat until you are satisfied.

Have for lunch a nice green salad with just a little olive oil and lemon on it, go with dark green. When you are ready for dinner eat steamed fish and steamed vegetables. Steaming the vegetables makes them easier for your body to digest.

One of the important principals of detox diets is to lighten the load on your body. You should be feeling more energy and your skin should be looking better by now.

For the third and final day:
See this is not too hard and you only have one more day to a healthier you. Today is only lemon water and fruit. You may feel very hungry today but hang in there this is the last day. Feel free to eat a few times through the day but just fruit and only lemon water, or plain water if you prefer.

Dinner will make it easier because you can have steamed vegetables. I like corn because it is filling but also go with dark green. The green is from the chlorophyll which is a natural purifier.

The great part of a 3 day detox is you can fit it into your active life. I do these once every month or so.

By Ashley Cooper - recipes-for-detox-diet.com

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  1. thanks for all this tips on wieght loss. I am so happy that , l will drop my bad eating habit now and eat healthy,keep it in my active life.

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