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8 Rules For Fast Weight Loss Plan

Posted by Judi Lake

When you prepare fast weight loss plan , you should not focus on a specific type of food or a specific type of exercise. Work the whole body and vary your workouts with a variety of exercises and nutritious food. Below are 8 rules you should know when losing weight :

1. Avoid extreme exercise or diet. Fasting or run many miles a day you will undoubtedly lose much weight in the short term, it is not healthy and practical solutions. It will send your body into “survival mode” where your body will fight hard against the loss of fat, and once you stop running, you’ll gain the weight back and probably in worse health than before.

2. Reduced specific abs exercises like squats and crunches. If getting abs is the concentration needed to understand that you already have a great set of abs to find - just squeeze your stomach and you can feel - just shed the fat on top.

3. Focus on “whole body” exercises. While isolation exercises are very effective in increasing the size of specific muscles, which have a minimal effect on metabolism or fat loss. For effective fat loss should focus permanent boost your metabolism with muscle exercises that work multiple muscle mass as general as much as possible, such as squats, deadlifts, rows and exercises with dumbbells or kettlebells combination.

4. Do not think about calories. Counting calories is a waste of time. They focus on exercise and nutrition. If you are a healthy diet rich in nutrients and exercise that will increase your metabolic rate, which will naturally lose weight and not have to measure and control the portions.

5. Balance your diet. It includes some carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats at every meal. A combination of the three will help your metabolism function at a higher level.

6. Avoid fake “health foods” like fruit juice, diet soda and prepackaged meals. Prepare your own meals with fresh ingredients. Stay away from the shortcuts like “fat burner” diet pills or powders.

7. Reduce consumption of wheat. That will make it much easier to lose body fat, reduces the amount of processed wheat in their diet. Turn wheat breakfast cereal from corn or rice, change the background white bread or 100% whole grain, and stay away from wheat-based snacks.

8. Eat as low on the food chain as possible. Eat what is called a “hunter-gatherer” diet of grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables and beans along with some healthy meats.

According to this rules, you’ll getting a good weight loss plan for your body.

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