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16 Fast Weight Loss Tips

Posted by Judi Lake

The most obvious way to achieve fast weight loss is by cutting back on the foods that you eat. When you reduce your food consumption, it is wise to reduce it gradually rather than starving yourself right from the start, stopping eating if only for two or three days is not something you want to do. You may well lose weight quite quickly but when you resume eating once again any weight you may have lost will be gained back immediately plus you may actually gain extra!

Read on for 16 easy ways to see results fast, and be ready for that special event in your life!

1. Thrash Those Regular Sodas. Substitute regular soda with diet soda. If possible, avoid diet soda all together for faster weight loss. It helps to reduce bloating. This fast weight loss tip alone is enough to get you started. Fast weight loss couldn’t be easier than this.

2. Drink Lots Of Water. This is the best option to make your stomach fuller if you feel hungry. Intake of minimum of six to eight glasses of water will help your body to flush out toxins in your body but the more you drink, the better.

3. Eat More Healthy Food Like Vegetables. You must take lots of vegetable on a daily basis. If you love snack food, then substitute it with green vegetables such as broccoli, cucumber, carrots etc. Do not take canned vegetables. At least 10 vegetables a day will help you lose weight faster than you thought. Gradually increase your intake of green vegetable.

4. Exercise. Running is the best form of exercise to lose weight fast . If you prefer other type of exercise, go with cardio. Thirty to 50 minutes a day is an appropriate amount of exercise. Gradually, increase your work out up to 60 to 120 minutes to lose weight quickly.

Other type of exercise to lose weight quickly is DDR. Try DDR for fun and lose weight in the process.

5. Build Up Your Strength. Build muscle, burn fat and increase your metabolism with resistance training. Weight training can be extremely fun and combine with cardio or running will provide the perfect balance. Resistance training is the most effective way to lose weight quickly. You can achieve a fitter and solid body in a month.

6. Follow the new 5-4-3-2-1 Diet Plan. You will see results within the first three days! Follow it exactly as written–no cheating! You won’t be disappointed!

7. Don’t graze! Calories add up fast! Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time and stick to the plan!

8. Keep a chart of some kind or a food journal so that you can track your progress to that special day. At the very least, mark the days down on your calendar. Visuals can be very motivating!

9. Amp up your workoutsfor this short period of time. There’s a reason why the contestants on “The Biggest Loser” exercise four hours a day. That’s not possible in the real world, but add in an extra workout each day if you can–even just 20 minutes will help.

10. Cut out the salt! That’s tough to do, but for this short period of time, use “lite” salt or some other seasoning like Mrs. Dash.

11. If you’re not following the 5-4-3-2-1 Diet, never eat more than a frozen dinner-sized portion at a meal.

12. Try eating ONLY frozen dinners for a short period of time. They’re already portion-controlled. Add a piece of fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth.

13. Chew sugar-free gum if you need something flavorful in your mouth.

14. Cut out all sugar and flour for a period of time.

15. Abstain from alcohol for this short period of time. Wait and enjoy it on your big night or after that important interview.

16. And finally, no “recreational eating” for this period of time. Eat with intention. Do nothing else while you eat. Savor each bite and eat slowly. These small things are the difference between feeling satisfied and feeling deprived.

The weight loss tips above may help you to achieve fast weight loss than traditional methods, even if it is only a small loss.

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