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Weight loss Lib is a weight loss resources site, Now it has a bulk of members who want to find a fast weight loss tips, methods and diet plans. It has ranked well, now it have ranked among a lot of top weight loss site, you can search “weight loss” or other main keywords to find our site. Our traffic is increasing month by month!

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The alexa data shows that most of our site traffics comes from CN, that’s not correct, alexa only collect the data that installed his toolbar. In fact, a few of people installed his toolbar, so the data is not correct. I’m in china, in fact, almost only myself comes from CN to visit my site. Since many advertiser asked me this question, so i clear it here.

If you interested in advertise on our site, please go to contact page to submit your requests, feel free to talk about the details with you. Thanks!

Please do not contact me if you want to talk about affiliate programs or ad networks, i’m not interested in it.

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